The world famous San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo became the result of an abandoned exotic animal exhibition back in 1915, and about a year later, Dr. Harry M. Wegeforth founded the Zoological Society of San Diego. The SD Zoo gained it’s popularity for the “cagefree” exhibits. It now sits on a hundred acres in the notable Balboa Park and houses over thirty-five-hundred different animals of a vast amount of different species and subspecies. People from all over the world visit the widely known world famous San Diego Zoo every single day.

Baking with a Toddler

I have been baking on and off for about eight years now. I love baking cupcakes and cake pops. Those are my specialties. Although I am no where near where I'd like to be as a baker, I am content with the learning that comes with it, though. That's what makes it that much more fun to do. I'll be honest. I use boxed cake mixes. But let me tell you... every single party that I have baked for has been blown away. (I'm usually super worried they aren't good enough and then super pumped when they are gone within minutes of being out). I like to add my own creativity to them.

Travelling with oxygen

The idea of going home on oxygen is overwhelming so travelling with it can seem a bit scary. Before I go deeper into my experiences, I want to remind you to always ask your physician or pulmonologist first to determine the best way to travel. We notified our doctors months in advance of our travels. For us, our pediatrician was okay with flying, but our pulmonologist was not. So we chose to drive instead. Our first trip was about a nine to ten hour drive from San Diego, Ca to Sacramento, Ca.

An Early Birth Story.

I think most girls dream of being a mom at some point in their life. I always pictured myself having at least three kids (just like my mom had). I wanted to start having kids at twenty-five years old and have my kids about two years apart in age. It seemed reasonable. A couple of months after turning twenty-five, I found out I was pregnant. The crazy part is that the day before I found out, we had discussed possibly waiting a bit longer to have kids. So you can imagine the mix of emotions that came flooding in. I didn't really even know what to think. I was happy and excited, but at the same time scared and nervous. Were we ready? Was this the right time? Would Albert be happy about it? It took a few days for it to really sink in. I. Was. Pregant.