How to plan a kid party in 6 months!

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Every sixth month mark I start to look forward to the birthday planning process for Adam. Yes, you read that correctly. I start planning six months in advance. Why? Well 1. I like to plan ahead to minimize the stress that comes with planning and 2. Because I just can’t wait. Please tell me I am not the one. I mean you’re here reading this, so maybe I’m not alone in this.

There is a lot that goes into the planning process and I an going to break it down for you. This is my six month six tasks to a birthday party to remember. Let’s go!

Tip: okay not really, but don’t forget to check back in June for a post on how the party went!

1. 6mo to party | Theme

⁃ This is the number one task that should be completed first because well, its going to be the basis to everything else you have to complete.

⁃ I personally like to think of themes depending on what Adam is into at the moment. So far we have done a fishing theme and a zoo theme (this one included actually going to the zoo + the best part was feeding the giraffes)

2. 5mo to party | Party Decorations

⁃ You want to be selective and choose decor that will bring the theme together.

⁃ Remember, you have tables to decorate, walls, ceilings or trees if you’re outdoor, food table and just placing items around the space to bring the theme to life.

⁃ You have to consider table cloths, centerpieces, backdrops, balloons, etc.

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3. 4mo to party | Party Favors

⁃ First off, how many kids are you anticipating on attending? This number will help you determine how much to order for your favors. This year we are doing a combined birthday party with my nephew so I am anticipating about 24 kiddos. I would try to get a headcount of who you know right off the back would attend.

⁃ Do you prefer party bags? I actually have been in love with party favor boxes. I’ll share towards the end where I order everything from decor to favors.

⁃ What to include in your favors? I personally like to mix it up. Candy, stickers, tattoos, something to wear and little toys or bubbles.

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4. 3mo to party | Food and Drinks

⁃ I like to plan for all ages. Beer and wine for the adults, juices for the kids, and sodas and waters for everyone.

⁃ The food should consist of one or two main dish choices (i.e. pizza, burgers, hotdogs, etc), sides (i.e. salads, chips, macaroni and cheese, etc) and appetizers (i.e. chips+dips, fries, poppers, etc). Definitely try to tie it in with the theme and make sure its age appropriate foods and choices that everyone will enjoy. I personally also like easy to make foods to cut down the prep time.

5. 2mo to party | Games + Activities

⁃ Should you consider a bouncy house, pinata or a series of games?

⁃ I try to save games for ages five and up since its easier to explain the rules and get them going that trying to have a two or three year old understand how to follow through.

⁃ Pinatas are fun for all ages and I strongly recommend. We order ours custom made by a local vendor for under $25 and they are huge.

⁃ I love incorporating a bouncy house with a slide for added fun for all ages.

⁃ Now is the best time to start prepping and making your vendor reservations. Even for tables and chairs if needed.

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6. 1mo to party | Invites

⁃ Now that you have everything else taken care of, its time to create your invites and get them sent out.

⁃ I like textable or email ready invites to get quicker RSVP responses.

⁃ Plan for a photoshoot that is theme ready to add to your invite.

⁃ I’ve ordered custom invites through etsy as well as made invites on my own. Your choice. I recommend whatever is most convenient and cost effective for you.

After its all said and done, all that is left is putting it all together. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to decorate and get everything set up the way you like before your guests arrive.

Links to help with completing your six month six part planning tasks:

Party favors + tablewear:

Oriental Trading

Keepsake decor:

Hobby Lobby



Good luck on your party planning + don’t forget to have fun doing it! I’d love to see or hear about your party below or tag us on social media. Subcribe now + follow us on social media!

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