My intro into motherhood.

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I am fairly new to the land of motherhood. My son, Adam, will be three in June. So, I guess not that new to the game, but it feels like it at times.

Ever wake up and wonder where the hell the time went? I swear my son was just born. Somewhere between the sleepless nights, messy home and only conversing with a baby-turned-toddler I seemed to have missed all that growth.

My son was welcomed into this world very early. At 24 weeks and five days to be exact. He weighed less than two pounds and was hooked up to monitors and oxygen while nurses poked and prodded his fragile little body. There he spent 115 days in the NICU. It was no where near how I imagined motherhood to be.

First bottle feed + a tired mama.

Unless you’ve given birth to a preemie, it’s hard to imagine the amount of loss I endured. No big belly. No maternity photos. No bringing baby home at discharge. I can’t even say that I know what its really like to even be pregnant. But its okay, because I took away way more than I thought I would through my experience.

Motherhood for me was giving permission to doctors and nurses to care for my son where I could not. It was celebrating the tiniest of milestones and being proud of the determination and fight that my son had to live. I learned how to be patient. How to take nothing in this life for granted. And what it means to be “strong” because strong is all you can be.

Motherhood is making sacrifices for your children. It’s kissing away their boo boos and being their biggest cheerleader through life. It’s an important job, but one that has many rewards. (Even on days where you want to pull your hair out).

I am excited to see where motherhood takes me. I look forward to all the fun stuff that comes with your child’s age.

What are your favorite parts of motherhood? And why? I’d love to hear from fellow mamas on the land of motherhood. Comment below + don’t forget to subscribe and follow me us on social media!

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