Gym awkwardness + the need to lose post-baby fat—3yrs later!

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I am going to be real honest in this post and I am going to talk about weight, which is usually hard for me to do. So, please, no judgment.

I have struggled with weight for a while now. Every time I seemed to get a grasp at managing it, something happens and throws me in for a loop. I guess that’s just a part of life that I am still trying to figure out how to handle. I hit my first low and all-time weight gain after my dad passed away in 2013. The scale then read 201lbs. Keep in mind: I am only 4’11” in height. It took me a while, but I was able to get back down to the 160’s and by the end of 2016 after going into very premature labor, I was back to a whopping 200lbs. My problem? I am an emotional and super stress eater. I also tend to go without eating and end up binging later. Lets just say my eating habits are bad!

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Currently, I am about 15lbs lighter and realized that after trying Fitbody Bootcamp out, I had missed working out. That is huge news! I think I made a breakthrough on my healthy habit progress. My goal is to be somewhere around 130lbs, but my main goal is to shape and tone by body. My problem areas? My arms, waist and abdomen. Thighs can go if they choose to. I don’t want to lose all my thickness entirely.

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Well, that’s that. Hopefully I didn’t make you cringe with all of that.

So, I got my membership to 24hr Fitness in January, just like most of the world did. Today is February 19. I eventually made it in. I’ll be honest. The social awkwardness of the gym is real. I just hate feeling like all eyes are on me and in a “you dont belong” kind of way. Or is it just me?

Somehow, we ended up working out along a mirrored wall which made the awkward weirdness only stronger. All my motivation and eagerness to workwout was quickly dissipating right before my eyes as I realized how inexperienced I was on gym life. Oh my gosh, but I need this to become a part of my life more than anything. Especially if I want to lose a goal of 50+ lbs.

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How do I block out everything around me and just go for it? What fears did you have starting out and how did you plan your workouts? Help me, please! Subscribe, comment below + don’t forget to follow on social media!

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