Juggling school + home life.

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Are you a mom and thinking about going back to school, but don’t know how to include it into the life you’ve created? Fret no more because I am a mom who is currently in school and I am here to tell you how I fit it into my life.

I currently attend school part-time while being a full-time stay at home mom. I’ll be honest, this is about my sixth time going back to school in the last decade. I struggled a lot with what I wanted to do. I guess you can call me a “dreamer.” I juggled around the idea of becoming a doctor, getting a business degree, becoming certified in medical administration, billing and coding and now nursing. Wow, that was a mouth full.

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Some back story. If you’ve read about me or you are just meeting me for the first time then I will make this quick. In June of 2016 my son, Adam, was born spontaneously and severely premature at 24+5 weeks. He weighed less than 2lbs and spent 115 days in the NICU. During that time I found my calling—nursing.

Fyi: birth story coming soon…

So here I am, almost three years later and I am back in school. I have completed all of my general ed (collectively through my earlier and recent admissions) and is on my way to almost completing all of my prerequisites. One more semester to be exact and then I have to take the TEAS test before applying for my local nursing program. But the real question I am going to answer here is: How do you juggle home life and school?

Let me start by saying it has been a challenge, but I think I have finally found a routine that works best for me.

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1. Classes

⁃ I currently take one course. I have been dedicating an entire semester to one prerequisite course for the last three semesters. Why? Because this way I spend less time at school and more time at home. It also gives me the advantage of only having to focus on the courses that really count towards my nursing application. Each prerequisite course has to be passed with a C or higher grade and can only be repeated once more to be eligible. The collective GPA that you get for the three prereq. courses determine an allotted amount of points that go towards your application. That’s a big deal considering out of 100+ applicants only 40 are selected.

2. Studying

⁃ The most uninterrupted time that I get to study are after dark between the hours of 8pm and 2am. I know it’s late, but it’s generally my only me time where I don’t have to worry or focus my attention on Adam. On days leading up to exams, I dedicate some time to studying on campus or with my study partner, Asia. And on exam days I try to use up majority of my day preparing before. During those extra studying hours, I work it out with Albert or my mom so that Adam is taken cared of.

3. Adventures

⁃ I try to make weekly outings with Adam to the zoo, Seaworld, parks and museums. I take that into consideration before I register for my classes and determine if it will fit into a schedule that maximizes my free time to do those things with him. The best times to visit these places are during the week and my weekends are solely dedicated to family time and getting together with friends.

I know there is this stigma around going back to school at a later age, but honestly, it’s never too late. And on the bright side, it is totally doable to. You just have to decide what it is you are going back to school first. Then find out what courses you need to take and devise a plan of action. Consider the things you want to still be able to do outside of school and how it can still benefit your family by maximizing your time towards adventures, but also giving yourself enough time to focus and study, too.

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If I can do it, so can you! “Just because someone said it’s impossible doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you.” If you are still unsure, comment below, I’d love to listen to your thoughts and worries + hopefully be able to shed some light on it.

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