An Easter basket under $10.

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Easter is just days away and if you are like me, running behind on schedule, then I feel you. If you are struggling to know what to add to your kiddo’s basket or are on a budget, then you are reading the right article. I am going to share this year’s Easter basket for Adam and all for under $10.

I made a quick trip to Target. Oh, who am I kidding, it was like an hour trip. For you Target-shopping-mamas, you know exactly what I mean.

The first place I always look at is the ‘under $5’ section located at the front when you walk in. So many great finds and for all occasions. Then I peruse on further into the store, making my way around, sticking to the outer parts.

Here is a list of what I bought and their prices (excluding taxes.):

  • Spritz Berry Basket—$1
  • Spritz Easter Grass—$0.65
  • 12ct. Sidewalk Chalk—$1
  • Super Miracle Bubbles—$0.99
  • PEZ Candy + Dispenser—$1.66
  • Playdoh 4pk.—$2.49
  • Reese’s Pieces Carrot—$1
  • Pillowfort Divided Plate—$0.59


For a grand total of $8.73 before taxes. I paid $10.99 with tax and one of those cups of Ritz Bitz because Adam insisted on it and he deserved it after doing so well walking with me around Target.

I limited my use of candy without losing out on the Easter goodies we all know and love. I really went for items that he can explore with and use both indoors and outdoors.

I know the plate seems super random, but I love it and I’ve been trying to get Adam interested in new foods and vegetables, so I figured a plate was a good choice. Playdoh because Adam has a new liking for the texture and has with them. Chalk and bubbles because he loves being outdoors and both are perfect during these nice Spring weather days.

If you’re wondering how I was able to make all of these fit into such a small basket, then feast your eyes on my finished Easter basket look:


This basket can easily be interchangeable for any child. Everything in this basket except for the Reese’s come in a multitude of colors to choose from. The Playdoh pack came with four classic colors of red, blue, white and yellow.

What helps me to stay within a budget is I calculate the prices as I go along, using my phone calculator. As you can see I stopped under $9 to factor in taxes, but that is just me. Feel free to set your budget according to how you see fit. I had fun browsing and trying to find fun, colorful items to fill a basket I know my son will love. That and because he made it verbally clear he was excited about it all as I put them in the cart. I kindly reminded him it was all for later, lol.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. Happy egg hunting and memory building! Don’t forget to ‘follow this blog’ to receive email updates and follow us on social media!


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