Top 10 water activities for toddlers.

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Who remembers playing outdoors as a kid? These days you just don’t see it anymore. Most of my favorite childhood memories were made outside. And now, as a mother, I wanted to encourage Adam’s interest to be outside. No phones, no tablets, just what the good outdoors can provide him.

Now that we are finally getting warmer weather around here, and with Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, water play is definitely in order. I have compiled a list of my top 10 favorite activities to do and try with Adam, and they are perfect for toddlers.

It’s time to get your buckets, balloons, hoses and toddlers out because you are about to have so much fun with your littles. I can’t guarantee that you also won’t get wet in the process, too.

1. Water Balloons

Water balloons are perfect for getting your little ones into throwing, running around and nice and cool during hot days. You can even set up targets to encourage control and accuracy of throws. Who knows, maybe dad will make a perfect target to hit?


2. Buckets and Giant Legos

Who ever said you couldn’t use items around your home? I like to take a 4-6″ deep tub (usually used for marinating) and fill it halfway with water. I let Adam choose what toys to use, usually ends up being some of his giant legos. I add beach shovels, measuring spoons or plastic cups for his to pour with. Simply pouring water from one thing to another is super entertaining for toddlers and perfect for motor skills development.

First Builders Big Building Bag

3. Water Table Activities

Check out these amazing water table ideas from Happy Toddler Time. Our water table is different and can be used for a variety of sensory activities. I like to add bubbles to it and let Adam and his cousins pretend to wash their toys and just have fun with it.

Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Water Table

4. Alphabet Sensory Play

I love the idea of creating a giant alphabet soup and getting Adam more interested in identifying his letters. Definitely will be trying this one out for sure this Summer!! Just add foam letters to any container filled with water.

Nuby 36 Piece Bath Tub Alphabet Set

5. Sponges and Water

I like to take a variety of sponges with different textures and cut them up into various sizes. Add them to a container of water and watch them soak up all the water. Toss them around outside and watch them go splat!

Sponge Painting Shapes – 60-Pack

6. Ice Bin Transfer

Check out how Busy Toddler turns ice and water into a fun activity. Get your toddler transferring ice cubes using a plastic or wooden spoon and watch the fun melt on a warm, sunny day!

Sterilite White 12Qt Dishpan

7. Hose and Sprinklers

Sounds too good to be true, I know, but it really is that simple. Hook up a fun sprinkler to your hose, set it on and just let your toddlers go wild with curiosity and excitement. You really cannot go wrong.

Splashin’kids 68″ Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat toy is for children infants toddlers,boys, girls and kids – perfect inflatable outdoor sprinkler pad

8. Jar Lid Boats

One thing I love are diy projects and the use of items around the house. My Bored Toddler had the right idea to make fun and colorful boats out of every day items that both adults and children enjoy. You can race them, sink them or just watch as they float on their own.

The Goods Mall [14 Pack] Color Plastic Mason Jar Lids – Fits BALL or KERR – 7 Wide Mouth & 7 Regular Mouth

9. Ice Painting

Now, this is always fun. Homemade ice paints with just water, food coloring and popsicle sticks. Lay out large paper on the ground and just let your toddler go wild with their imagination and creativeness. What’s cooler than ice?

Rubbermaid Ice Cube Tray (Set of 4)

10. Sea Animals

What a great way to teach about the different oceanic species. Get a variety of sea animals and dump them into water. Have your toddler identify and find certain animals while also sharing with them a fun fact about that animal.

Fun Express Ocean Animals (1 Dozen)

A few of these I have yet to try, but will be doing very soon as we continue to have warmer weather. I love getting outside and encouraging outdoor play, even at the age of (almost) three. Adam loves the idea of water play and all of these activities have amazing benefits that come with them. As a preemie mama, I am big on developmental activities!

If you liked this list, share it and let me know below if I should compile an extension to this. Feel free to comment below with your favorite water play activities, I’d love to hear all about them!

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