Party Favors under $50.

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Party favors are an essential aspect to any party or event. It’s your way of saying “thank you” to your guests. It’s also one of the things a child looks forward to receiving when they attend a friend’s birthday party. Who can really resist a goodie bag? I know I can’t.

This year’s party theme for Adam’s birthday is transportation. I have decided to prepare 24 favors for our young attendees. Our budget will be set at $50 and that will also include packaging.
Brown Kraft Bag, Birthday Party Gift Favor Bag Set – 24 Count – Small
I have come across some awesome ideas that I am strongly considering and I will share them below. I will also share my favor finds, prices and discuss how I will be putting them together. Let’s get started!

    • I am loving these simple, yet theme-appropriate goodie bags from Ana Jacqueline.
    • Melly Moments created some pretty cool custom favor bags. I like the idea of personalizing them for each child. Something to consider, hmm..
    • These bandana+whistle favors from Lemon Thistle are perfect for my nephew who loves trains.

  • All of these party favor ideas are perfect and just absolutely adorable. I hope to incorporate elements from each of these and more. I am strongly considering doing a variety of favors so they aren’t all the same. Some train inspired, some by cars (not the Disney theme) and others plane inspired (no pun intended lol).
  • So what to put inside them?

Super Miracle Bubbles | Party Favor | Pack of 6
I love buying from bulk sites like Oriental Trading. I found wooden train whistles, baloon-driven cars and foam gliders.
Traffic Jam Birthday Lunch Napkins & Plates Party Kit for 16 Guests
I plan on only using eight of each inside the favors and just utilizing the extras as decor or props for our photobooth. If someone chooses to grab one as an extra…well I’m okay with that, too. Especially the gliders since they come in a bulk of 48. Since I was already planning on hanging paper airplanes, these sort of took the place of that. Super convenient and a score find since making paper airplanes by hand would have been really time consuming and I already plan on making traffic signs by hand. It’s a win-win for me.

I also found these striped bandanas at Hobby Lobby that will be combined with the train whistle.

I also bought two packs –12ct–of these gift sacks in bright blue and green. Since I was not going to add candy to them, I still wanted them big enough to add candy later from the piñata. I also picked up these cars and trucks tattoos from Hobby Lobby to add to each favor as well.
Pack of 30 Transportation Theme Cupcake Toppers Car Truck Ship Airplane Train Cupcake Picks Baby Shower Birthday Party Decoration Supplies

So, let’s talk prices. The calculated price will reflect the total cost and also how much each favor cost to make.

  • Gliders (48ct)—$12
    Balloon cars (12ct)—$10
    Train whistles (12ct)—$10
    Bandanas (8)—$8
    Sack bags (12ct•2)—$6
    Tattoos (24ct)—$2

  • Total: $48
  • Glider—$0.25 ea
  • Balloon car—$0.84 ea
  • Train whistle—$0.84 ea
  • Bandana—$1 ea
  • Sack bag—$0.25 ea
  • Tattoo—$0.08 ea
  • Total per glider favor (plane+bag+tattoo): $0.58 ea
  • Total per car favor (car+bag+tattoo): $1.17 ea
  • Total per train favor (whistle+bandana+bag+tattoo): $2.17 ea
  • Total favors: $4.64 + $9.36 + $17.36 = $31.36!
  • I was not only able to find awesome goodies that reflected the theme of the party, but I was able to stay well within my budget of $50. It’s totally possible. And this is for 24 favors. The beauty of it, too, is that any extras I am left with I get to still utilize for the party. You just can’t beat that!

I plan on using an open luggage as the display (similar to the picture below), with a ‘baggage claim’ sign and mixing up the bags so that whichever one you grab is yours and it could be either of the three goodies mentioned above. As far as using the inspired favor ideas, I plan to buy plastic cups with plastic lids and customizing each cup for every child attendee with theit names on it. This way they are set with a designated cup that can be refillable throughout the duration of the party.
Cars and Trucks Party Supplies Ultimate Set – Birthday Party Decorations, Party Favors, Plates, Cups, Napkins and More (Things That Go Party Supplies) (1)

Stay tuned for a full look on Adam’s birthday party!

If you enjoyed this post, let me know below in the comments. Or if you’ve come up with similar ideas for other themes, I’d love to hear about it or see your finished product.

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