How to DIY balloon clouds.

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Sometimes planning a party on a budget means an excuse to do fun DIY projects to cut the costs. Instead of paying a couple hundred more to add a custom balloon cloud I decided to look it up and try it out for myself. I am keeping this post short and sweet so I hope you find it super useful (especially if you’re looking to find a quick and easy diy).

Supplies Needed:

  • Lo-temp glue gun**
  • Lo-temp glue sticks / all-purpose glue sticks
  • Pack of white balloons

Balloon Time Disposable Helium Kit ,Tank 14.9 cu.ft – Plus an Ultra Hi-Float – Party Balloons will Float for Several Days – 50 Balloons and Ribbon Included by Blue Ribbon

  • **There is a difference in glue gun temps. I had no idea until I looked into balloon clouds. Lo-temp glue guns prevent the balloons from popping.

Adtech Full-Size Multi-Temp 5-lb BOX All-Purpose Glue Sticks

  1. Blow balloons up into different sizes
  2. Add glue stick to glue gun and plug it in
  3. Once glue gun is ready, start attaching the various balloon sizes together in a cloud-like form.

KUMEED White Latex Balloons Globos Party Birthday Wedding Balloons Pack of 100

  • Additional tips:
  • Hold each balloon together for a few seconds before adding another one.

  • Keep adding different sized balloons to fill gaps.

If you’ve been following along my recent party planning posts, first off thank you, and secondly, continue to stay tuned for the finished look of all our party details! If this is your first look and you would like to see more of the planning, check out my recent 24 favors under $50 post.

Try this DIY balloon cloud out and let me know how it goes in the comments below. I’d love to see your different variations of clouds. And don’t forget to have lots of fun with it, too. Also, don’t forget to hit ‘follow this blog’ and follow us on social medias!

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