DIY Personalized Party Cups

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Ever go to clean up after hours of partying and find enough half opened drinks to fill a brand new case of drinks? That is one of my pet peeves. It becomes a waste of money.

So, you attempt to leave markers out and maybe a handful of people get the memo and actually write their names on their cups. But then the rest just fall into the above dilemma of leaving behind half drank drinks because now they’re afraid of it not being theirs. Do you know who is the most notorious for this? Kids. They run and play and get new drinks in between, forgetting about that, now lonely, caprisun sitting on the other side.

If you’ve been following along my party posts, then you’ll know where this is going, but if you haven’t, no worries as I will catch you up. I have been all about the best deals and discounts to keep this entire party under a budget. I have yet to expose that budget number as that time will come later on (so stay tuned).

As I was searching for party inspiration on Pinterest, I came up with a great, cost effective idea to include—personalized party cups for kids. We are going to set up a drinking station with the option of punch and lemonade. Each child will be given a personalized cup with their respective names on it, a lid and straw. We will be minimizing the amount of canned drinks and having small waters available, as well.

I have received a lot of praise for the idea and many have been awaiting the final product. Before we get to revealing, here is a quick DIY for you to try for your next child’s party. Enjoy! I can’t wait to see how creative you go with this—#thatlittletribe—on social media.

Materials Needed:

  • 12oz plastic cups
  • Plastic X lids
  • Colorful straws
  • Adhesive vinyl sheets
  • Cutting machine (Cricut or Silhouette)*
  • Transfer tape

*you might be able to use letter stickers if you do not have a cutting machine. Keep in mind you will have to apply each letter individually and may spend more on those.


    1. Place your adhesive vinyl sheet, color side facing up, on the mat
    2. Open Design Space (for Cricut users), choose a font and type out each name. I adjusted each name to height of .8″ to fit 12oz cups.
    3. I like to cut out each name to separate them before weeding and sizing them to transfer tape.
    4. Remove clear transfer tape and place the name in the middle of the transfer backing and replace transfer tape over the name.

Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape, 12×48-Inches, Standard Grip

    1. Use a card to burnish the transfer tape to the adhesive, removing any air bubbles.
    2. Remove the clear transfer tape—adhesive backing should still be attached and removed.

Colorful Extra Long Flexible Bendy Party Disposabl Drinking Straws, 100 Pieces

  1. Replace transfer tape with adhesive to its backing for later use when you are ready to apply to cups.
  2. Apply to cups, burnish adhesive, add lids and a straw. Tada!

Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful. Now is the moment you have been waiting for…..drum rolls please…

I am so happy with how these cups turned out. For the even younger party guests I have personalized sippy cups for them instead.

For those readers who love this idea, but don’t own a cutting machine, would you pay to have these made? They are such a wonderful idea and I am considering making them available. Let me know in the comments section below 👇🏽

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