Birthday party recap.

It’s been long over due and finally the time has come—a recap of Adam and Cameron’s birthday party.

The theme was transportation with a heavier emphasis on trains, cars and airplanes. I was able to receive a few photos of the party, which came out amazing. Somehow I managed to get lost in the time and the memories being made that I never took my phone out for a single photo. In this day and age where social media and technology consumes us, I like to step away from it and just soak in everything that is around me. But I hope you can appreciate the photos that were taken as much as I did.

Let’s take a look:


This kid-life-sized train was made by my sister-in-law. It was made out of cardboard box and wrapped in colored paper with black painted plates as the wheels. The kicker was the bubble machine added to the engine. The kids had so much fun and Adam eventually got ahead of himself and peeled the paper off like it was a present.



We had plenty of traffic signs to go around. Most of which I handmade and painted myself. Check out these centerpieces I made, though. Super easy and exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, even when filled with rocks and taped to the tables, the wind happened to get the best of them. Want a DIY tutorial on these? Let me know below in the comments!


Just another pinterest idea put to good use. Each party favor held a different prize that pertained to trains, cars and airplanes. They were later filled with candy from their shot at the piñata, which I will show you next. Want to know how you can make these favors under $50? Click here.


Check out that airplane piñata! Almost bigger than the kids that attended the party and it only costed $25. Yep, you read that right. It was filled with over 1k pieces of candy, too. Adam wasn’t fond of the attention he received once it was his turn, but the rest of the kiddos had a blast trying to hit this one.

Can’t forget the jumper we rented. It was put to amazing use. Even I had fun jumping around with the birthday boys! Follow us on Instagram @denisedelfin_ to take a look at the process video for these awesome looking birthday themed shirts!


We custom ordered two round cakes. Adam’s had cars wrapped around it, while Cameron’s had trains. They came out so amazing and we managed to eat an entire cake within minutes.


Opening presents was my favorite part. Both birthday boys were blessed with an abundance of gifts. This was a special moment for me because I got to witness the excitement on Adam’s face. He was so excited for this day to come and has loved and used almost every gift since.


The party was a hit! We were surrounded by amazing family and friends who all came to celebrate Adam and Cameron turning 3 years old. I was happy to know that everyone had so much fun and enjoyed all the food and desserts we had available.

Next year we plan to celebrate through new experiences. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see new places and make many more memories along the way? For now, I just want to enjoy my three year old. No need to rush. Although, I can tell you this, I will start planning our next birthday adventure around the New Year. So, we have some time.

Thank you for following our party preparations and hopefully you enjoyed this party recap. Want to see more? Be sure to hit ‘follow blog’ to receive updates via email (I promise no spamming involved). Also, follow us on social media to get more insight into our lives.


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