Project Give a Little

If you are reading this, then you are the first to hear all about a new project that I will be working on. It is called Give a Little, which will be an Etsy shop that I will be launching very soon. The sole purpose will be driven by my own personal experience with life in the NICU.

A little bit of an introduction to what Give a Little will be about:

Buy one + give one to a NICU baby and their families. Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) provide immediate medical attention to fragile newborns due to labor injuries, medical conditions or prematurity. 1 in 10 babies born in the U.S. are born premature and require extensive care that can last days, weeks and sometimes even months. A huge milestone that a NICU parent looks forward to is the day that their little one can finally wear clothes. This gives a sense of normalcy within the chaos of life in the NICU. So for every item purchased, I will be donating a onesie to a local NICU. Give a Little also offers an exclusive NICU Collection for those who are currently experiencing the NICU life and are looking for ways to make their “home away from home” just a little bit more theirs.

I will be designing and customizing glass water bottles with an optional sleeve, shirts ranging from newborn to adult sizes and bullet journals. All of which are eligible for the buyonegiveone onesie NICU donations. Along with these products, I will be featuring a NICU collection that involves the above mentioned, incubator bedding bundle and a NICU Survival Gift pack. Purchases of these products will also participate in the buyonegiveone onesie donations.

I have always wanted to give back and because this is so personal for me, it seemed like the best way that I could do just that. To

learn more about that experience, click here.

I plan to add this project as a part of my blogging journey and how we will be involved in the process and how we are not only impacting local NICU families, but sharing the impact it also has on us.

Since this is just an early introduction to Give a Little, I will keep it short and sweet, but while I have you, visit @give.alittle on IG to follow. Stay tuned for more as I will be posting product drafts before launching the shop!

To be the first to receive updates, hit ‘follow blog’ to receive updates via email (I promise there will be no spamming) and don’t forget to follow us on social medias!

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