Phase 1 of Project, Give a Little.

It’s been a hectic few weeks since the first mention of Give a Little. Being a SAHM to a toddler and now boss mama; can be all over the place. Trying to stay organized and on top of things has been a learning experience all on its own.

Day Designer for Blue Sky 2019-2020 Academic Year Monthly Wall Calendar, Twin Wire Binding, 15″ x 12″, Peyton Navy

So, first things first, phase 1: research and development.

I want to offer an array of useful products. From tees to journals to glass water bottles and more. Every product will be handmade or designed and applied individually with great attention to detail.

A major product that I have put a lot of thought and research into has been my glass water bottle collection. I wanted to offer something a bit differently shaped, with high quality glass and customizable personality to your average water bottle.

I’ve developed a NICU gift pack option which includes majority of products featured from My Give a Little Collections and then some. Each gift pack and donated onesie will include a personal message from me, spreading hope and advice on how to navigate life in the NICU and beyond it.

Boy Preemie NICU Plastic Milestone Cards – Safe to Sanitize, Write, Wipe and Reuse
Girl Preemie NICU Plastic Milestone Cards – Safe to Sanitize, Write, Wipe and Reuse

Aside from the products, packaging has been a huge part of it. Still racking my brain for ideas. I want it to be true to the brand while also making it feel personal and unique. I am open to any and all ideas, so please do share your thoughts in the comments 👇🏽

I will be moving onto phase 2 soon which consists of putting together product samples, doing a product shoot and preparing to launch shop. If you like what Give a Little is all about, like this post and be sure to hit ‘follow blog’ to stay in the loop via email updates (I promise there will be no spamming).

HUAYI 5X7ft White Brick Wall With Gray Wooden Floor Photography Vinyl Backdrop D-2504

As things continue to come together, I will continue to blog all about my efforts and experiences through project Give a Little and how it relates to my family lifestyle and involvement. Follow us on social medias and don’t forget to follow @give.alittle to be a part of the project!

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