About Us

I would like to introduce you to the basis of That Little Tribe–my family. I am Denise. The author of That Little Tribe and behind-the-scenes photographer of most of what you’ll be seeing. I am a full-time SAHM and a part-time student with a goal of entering a Nursing Program. My partner in crime and significant other is Albert. We have been together for over a decade. He works long hours as a mold remediation tech for a restoration company. Our little man is Adam. You’ll see a lot of him, I promise. He is a miracle baby born at 24 weeks and 5 days. He is now a healthy, caring and adventurous toddler who is wise beyond his years.

That Little Tribe is focused on family-based lifestyle and travel. I will be posting on ways to travel with a growing toddler, family friendly spots to visit, age appropriate activities and things or places that my little family experience together.

Be sure to find+follow That Little Tribe on Pinterest and Instagram. I encourage you to share your own personal experiences with me as I would love to connect with you so that I can continue to create posts geared towards you + your family.

Xx, Denise