The world famous San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo became the result of an abandoned exotic animal exhibition back in 1915, and about a year later, Dr. Harry M. Wegeforth founded the Zoological Society of San Diego. The SD Zoo gained it’s popularity for the “cagefree” exhibits. It now sits on a hundred acres in the notable Balboa Park and houses over thirty-five-hundred different animals of a vast amount of different species and subspecies. People from all over the world visit the widely known world famous San Diego Zoo every single day.

Travelling with oxygen

The idea of going home on oxygen is overwhelming so travelling with it can seem a bit scary. Before I go deeper into my experiences, I want to remind you to always ask your physician or pulmonologist first to determine the best way to travel. We notified our doctors months in advance of our travels. For us, our pediatrician was okay with flying, but our pulmonologist was not. So we chose to drive instead. Our first trip was about a nine to ten hour drive from San Diego, Ca to Sacramento, Ca.

A Visit to the New Children’s Museum.

The original Children’s museum opened up in La Jolla, Ca in 1983 and was later relocated to a warehouse in Downtown, San Diego. It was designed by the award-winning architect, Rob Wellington Quigley, and reopened as the New Children’s Museum in 2008. Upon entering, you walk across a bridge with a bright and welcoming mural that runs across it. You get a glimpse of all the creativity, imagination and innovation as you step foot into the opening space of the lobby. Heck, there was even a small glass window on the bridge floor to get a view of what’s below. They offer paid admission and membership plans to accommodate any family size. They also have a pop up shop area for local vendors or cause-driven businesses. You can view the available merchandise as you await for admission. Speaking of which, they change it as a way to continuously try to improve the admission process. I thought that was neat.