A Visit to the New Children’s Museum.

The original Children’s museum opened up in La Jolla, Ca in 1983 and was later relocated to a warehouse in Downtown, San Diego. It was designed by the award-winning architect, Rob Wellington Quigley, and reopened as the New Children’s Museum in 2008. Upon entering, you walk across a bridge with a bright and welcoming mural that runs across it. You get a glimpse of all the creativity, imagination and innovation as you step foot into the opening space of the lobby. Heck, there was even a small glass window on the bridge floor to get a view of what’s below. They offer paid admission and membership plans to accommodate any family size. They also have a pop up shop area for local vendors or cause-driven businesses. You can view the available merchandise as you await for admission. Speaking of which, they change it as a way to continuously try to improve the admission process. I thought that was neat.

How to plan a kid party in 6 months!

Every sixth month mark I start to look forward to the birthday planning process for Adam. Yes, you read that correctly. I start planning six months in advance. Why? Well 1. I like to plan ahead to minimize the stress that comes with planning and 2. Because I just can’t wait. Please tell me I am not the one. I mean you’re here reading this, so maybe I’m not alone in this.

There is a lot that goes into the planning process and I an going to break it down for you. This is my six month six tasks to a birthday party to remember. Let’s go!